NEED Sleep…..

I feel (and look) like the living dead. If I fall asleep halfway writing this, please feel free to give me a strong shove to get me going again…. 😉

I was home alone with Stroppy 3 last night. It had been a lovely day. Busy, but lovely. As she had been so good I decided to let her ask a friend who lives in the next street if she would like a film evening, complete with popcorn, drinks, choccy, etc. Jumanji was on and it’s such a good film I thought it would be a nice gesture, but when she came back, one child had turned into THREE who wanted to watch it with her. How could I say no? I checked with their parents and we all settled down to watch the film. It lasted about ten minutes – about the same amount of time as the popcorn!

They then did some drawing and went on and on and on about sleeping over. Stroppy 3 is 8 for Christs sake! I said I’d ask their mums for another day (yeah right!), and popped them home after 10pm, tired but happy.

Stroppy 3 crashed out as soon as we got back but insisted on waiting up for me, so I locked all the doors and windows, took her up to bed and relaxed in a nice hot bath. Bliss.

I wasn’t tired so did some online shopping (spending far too much money), and read the days paper. It was about 1am when I started hearing noises outside. Someone was creeping around trying to be quiet and generally making more noise than they usually would. It was a bit like me when I’m trying to sneak a biccie or two from the biscuit barrel. 😉
Anyway, I just thought it was someone who’d forgotten their keys, or was a bit late home and worried their parents would catch them, so I didn’t give it another thought. Until about 10 minutes later when the dog started growling, which is when I also heard the distinct sound of wood splintering.

I got straight up and looked out of my bedroom window. It’s at the back overlooking the garden, but it was so dark I couldn’t see a thing. By now the dog was barking at the top of the stairs, so I grabbed a long substantial pole I keep in the bedroom for just such occasions and went downstairs.

Now I’m not going to say I wasn’t frightened – in fact I was bloody terrified! The thing that kept me moving down those stairs was the little girl at the top of them. Eight years old, peacefully sound asleep and NOBODY was coming in to change that! My maternal instinct was SO strong by this point that I’d walked down the stairs without even feeling the pain in my back. I went straight for the back door – all seemed fine, as did the window next to it. The dining room windows were the same, in fact the whole downstairs was secure, much to my relief! I’m not quite sure what I’d have done if someone had been there, but a similarity between lionesses and their cubs springs to mind. All rational thought had gone from my head and I just wanted to ‘protect my young’.

I went back upstairs, faithful dog in tow (completely with doggy choc as a thank you). I’ll admit to looking out of the bedroom window from my darkened room for a good ten minutes or so but I didn’t see or hear anything else so got back into bed.

I couldn’t sleep, I was too nervous. I was terrified that whatever or whoever had made those noises would be back, so I sat up until daybreak (approx 4.47am here) 😦 I played Candy Crush, Bubble Mania, read a little, did some word searches and checked on Stroppy 3 until I felt it was safe to go to sleep.

I suppose I dozed off around 5, only for lovely man to ‘surprise me’, by turning up to visit at around 6.15!!! Grrrrr
It was lovely to see him, but I think I will be having a long doze on a sun lounger later on today 😉