Indoor Play Areas. A good idea?

So Stroppy 3 is now officially on her school holidays. Oh joy of joys. 7 1/2 weeks (No, I haven’t made a mistake) to try and keep her occupied…..

We are two days in, on a break at the seaside – and she’s bored. Sigh. šŸ˜¦ I popped a sun tent up for her to play in. She didn’t want to. I found a children’s competition that meant exploring the garden. Nope. Monopoly? Nope. Beach? Swimming? Sunbathing? Nope. Nothing was stopping the constant moaning, and I was having a vision of her doing this for another 53 days…..

I knew a new play area had opened up near lovely mans house, but we hadn’t been able to find it, and if I’m honest I was nervous. Normally these places are crap. How many have you been to? I can’t count how many we’ve visited off the top of my head, but I can only think of one that I would willingly go back to, and that’s Parents Paradise in Watford, Herts. It clean, tidy, does great food and has loads for the kids to do. It caters for children up to 11, even managing to squeeze a playing court inside the building. It’s also reasonably priced, if a little busy – but that’s testament to how good it is.

So reluctantly on such a beautiful day, I googled play areas near us. Up the new one popped along with one that’s been here years. The old one is now dated, dirty and doesn’t keep her occupied for long enough, so I ruled that one out straight away. The new one is called ‘Space Kingdom’, and I have to admit the website looks great! It is clear, concise and easy to navigate. It also said that it was open… šŸ™‚

We arrived and a really helpful lady took our entrance fee. (Only Ā£5.50 so not bad at all) and as soon as we walked in I relaxed. Spotlessly clean, not too busy, and perfect for an 8 year old to explore. There’s even racing cars! She was so excited! She ran off to play while I went to grab a coffee to keep me awake and something for Stroppy.

Again, the prices were reasonable and the menu is vast! I could choose anything from a full English breakfast to a homemade pizza. the children’s menu is just as impressive. I did push the boat out and bought her a special rocket drinking bottle thing. It looks cool and she was chuffed when she saw it.

Currently while writing this post, I’m sitting with my coffee and a bag of Wotsits while she runs, jumps, laughs and does all the things a little girl should be doing. She’s made a few friends already, which makes life so much easier for me! How long we’ll be here I don’t know, but its been almost an hour and a half and she’s not flagging yet. I on the other hand may need a caffeine refill……

So now I have two indoor play areas to take her to for another couple of years, and the best thing is one is near home and the other near lovely mans! We couldn’t have planned it better than that.

To answer the question in the title – yes, indoor play areas are a good idea. If there’s plenty of seating, lots for kids of all ages to do and they are kept clean.

Happy Days šŸ™‚