Just a catch up….

Wow! It’s been a busy few weeks. Which is why I haven’t posted – although I think if I had, perhaps all the stress I’ve been dealing with might have seemed a little less overwhelming.

So, to summarise.

My sons tumour has returned. Bloody great 😦

We couldn’t make any plans for holidays because of pending op. Bloody great. 😦

I’ve had my spinal injections. Bloody great 🙂

My aunt was admitted to hospital. Bloody great 😦

My aunt was sent home. Bloody great! 🙂

My aunt fell 2 hours after arriving home. Bloody great….. 😦

OK, here goes!

So Stroppy 2 had an MRI a few months ago, just to make sure his tumour hadn’t returned. We weren’t called in to see the consultant urgently, so I relaxed and waited for his normal appointment to come around.
We trotted off to the hospital – I think we were the last of the day to be seen with a bloody rush hour appointment. We went in to the consulting room, only to be told his tumour was back. And what’s more this supposedly ‘slow growing’ tumour had grown so fast that in 13 months was the size they would expect in 10 YEARS…..
Stroppy 2 didn’t seem that bothered about the prospect of another major operation, which basically involves sawing through his skull, but I was in shock. I was told he needed to be seen as an urgent case and not to make any holiday plans.
So, over 8 weeks at home with the 3 kids loomed as the school holidays arrived. Stroppy 3 gets 8 1/2 weeks off, Stroppys 1 & 2 had finished their exams so were allowed to break up early. Oh joy of joys…. 😦

I then had a series of spinal injections booked in to try and stop having to have morphine as a form of pain relief.
Now although these are done under day surgery, I have to be honest and say I’d rather have more childbirth than these every 3-6 months. I don’t have an anaesthetic, except in the localised area so you sort of have to breathe through the pain. They really need to know when they’re in the right place, but it takes a bit of fiddling and hitting nerves to get there!
The chronic pain doctor is fantastic and I have a good rapport with him, but when he said he might as well do all the injections at once I felt a tad sick. He was right of course. It meant I wouldn’t need to go back in and wait all day for more injections, and also wouldn’t take up valuable operating time. But having a dozen or so injections at once was bloody sore, although in the past few days I’ve felt able to leave the morphine patches off and just use my concoction of tablets.

Now we come to my aunt. She’s 91 and was complaining of pain in her hip. She wouldn’t let me call a doctor, but eventually my brother called and they suggested he call for an ambulance. She was in A&E for hours, X-rayed and told there was nothing wrong with her but they would keep her in overnight to observe her pain. When we arrived the following day to collect her, she was in as much pain as when she arrived and couldn’t weight bear, so we refused to take her. After some heated discussions with the doctor they put her in an elderly ward – which pissed her off completely! She said she couldn’t be bothered with all those ‘old people’ 😉
Anyway, while in there, they have her an MRI which showed she had a complete fracture of her hip, resulting in a full hip replacement on the Monday. So much for ‘nothing wrong’.
She was in for a few weeks and although we expressed concern on a daily basis, the O.T. Felt she was well enough to go home. How wrong she was….

She got home at 6.30 ish and my brother met her, made her a cuppa and something to eat and sat with her for a while, then popped home as she had carers coming to put her to bed. Well the lovely caring sodding carers never bothered turning up! Grrrr 😦
She tried to go to the loo on her own, fell and broke her arm in not 1, not 2, not 3, but FOUR places. The paramedics were disgusted that she’d been sent home, as were the nurses and doctor on duty in A&E.
She was re-admitted and is still in there, probably for months. With old people. Bastard O.T. So my last few weeks have been spent complaining to the carers service, the Chief Exec of said hospital, visiting my aunt and confirming pre-ops and op dates for Stroppy 2.

The next few weeks are hopefully going to be less traumatic. At the moment I soooo need that holiday that I can’t book. And I need to blog more. Lots more. Both will help my stress levels, which in turn helps my back.

Fingers crossed Stroppy 2’s surgery goes well and we can get away in the October half term 🙂