Visiting lovely man. With his Mum there…. :0/

So, I visited Lovely Man recently. And I wasn’t the only one….

His mum wanted to visit him, so I had a travelling companion (along with Stroppy 3) for the journey.
We left early afternoon on Friday, having said goodbye to the older two kids and luckily had a fairly straight, easy journey to his house.

We went to the fish and chip shop rather than have him cook us a meal, then went to the house to settle in.

The fish and chip shop was where it started. Do you want pickled gherkins? She said. “No thanks”, I reply. Pickled egg? “No thanks”. Pickled onions? “No thanks!”. Saveloy? Aaarrrggghh!!! We’d been there 5 minutes and she was trying to take control. “I’ll pay!” She said. “No thank you” I replied, and whipped out some cash before she had a chance.

We got to Lovely Mans and started dishing the food out. She needed more salt. More vinegar. Salad cream – which we didn’t have. That didn’t go down well……Sigh.

Saturday. She wanted to go shopping. Now, my back had completely seized in bed and I’d been up since 6am. I’d had to wake Lovely Man to go and get me my medication and a morphine patch, so walking round shops wasn’t really on my agenda. But off we went. 😦

After an hour or two she had been in all the shops that she wanted to go in, with her constantly trying to buy us things. There was a beautiful dress I wanted to buy, but I knew if I mentioned it she would buy it for me, so I didn’t. While she was in Bon Marche, I limped into M&S to get the ingredients for my spaghetti bolognese that I was making for dinner (at her specific request…).

I did lunch when we got home and fried off the mince to pop the bolognese in the slow cooker. Over the next couple of hours it started to smell amazing! I dished out just after 5pm, only for her to hardly eat ANY of it! All she ate was her salad. She’d insisted we get it. Now I know l’m no Nigella, but the meal was delicious and I felt a little hurt that she wouldn’t even try it.

Anyway, the evening was OK. she wanted to go to Bingo, so off we went. I had to stop and get triple rollover tickets because I was convinced we would win. She insisted on paying. We got to Bingo. She insisted on paying. It infuriates me! I know some people would say I’m lucky, but I don’t want her to think she needs to ‘buy’ us in order to visit or spend time with us. I do actually like his parents. They’ve been very accepting and don’t interfere in any parenting issues, so I would like them to know they don’t have to buy our affections.

Sunday came and my back was much better. We went to the shopping outlet near Lovely Mans house. It has lots of nice shops but it was a chaotic visit owing to it being his Mums birthday the next day…….

Lovely Man & Stroppy 3 snuck off to get cards and I told Lovely Man to get his mum some chocolates from Thorntons for her from the kids. He came back with a single bar and a small snack packet. Aaaaarrrggh! Do I have to do everything myself? I went in to have some chocs iced for her with a personal message and what does he do? Brings her into the shop! Now he’s not stupid, but once she has an idea in her head, there’s no stopping her.

Anyway, for the rest of the day we got on well, until Lovely Man suggested we travel home very early Monday morning to avoid the rush hour. This meant she could wake up for the first time ever with her granddaughter there on her birthday. But even that didn’t please her. She was NOT happy – she wanted home there and then, but of course couldn’t say so as she’d hinted and hinted about coming away. So we stayed (with a take away for dinner. I wasn’t bloody cooking for it to be rejected again!), and when her birthday came round Lovely Man took her tea up with her cards on a tray so she could have them first thing as she woke.

Then home we went. With a sense of relief I have to say…. 😉