Sleepovers – when they should start?

Stroppy 3, who’s 8, had her first sleepover with a friend last night. In a tent, in the back garden.

Granted it was only across the road, but I was horrified. Not that she wanted to go to a sleepover, but that she felt confident enough to go to one at such a young age.

Of course she’s slept over with Nanny & Grandad countless times, and has even been on holiday with them, but this is different. This means she’s growing up. And I’m devastated.

I couldn’t let her see my horror of course – she ran in with a smile from ear to ear and bright, sparkling eyes to ask me if she could go. How could I say no? How could I crush that excitement and turn her beautiful face into a crumpled tear stained mess by saying ‘No’?

I couldn’t. So instead I said “Yes, of course you can!” and hugged her as she told me I was the best Mummy ever. I ran her bath, dried and brushed her apple scented hair, got her PJs & slippers and watched her run around grabbing clothes to pack.

I waved her off after having to deal with her nervous joy while she waited for 7.30 to arrive.

“What time is it Mum?”


“What time is it Mum?”


“What time is it Mum?”

Still 7.03….”

You get the idea. By 7.23 she could contain her excitement no longer, and rushed out of the door with me waving goodbye, trying to push images of paper cuttings filled with children who had gone missing from a tent in a garden from my head. In reality I can only actually think of one awful instance, but I seemed to be able to conjure up hundreds last night.

She was back at 7.45. The bell rang and I thought ‘Yes! She’s missed me too much to stay!’, but she was back with a friend for treats to eat in the tent…..

I went over just before 10 this morning as she hadn’t came home. She was still in her PJs and looked happy as Larry. (Not sure who Larry is or even where the quote comes from!)

So she’s home now with the 2 girls having lunch. She’s happy so I’m happy.

Well in actual fact I’m sad. Sad that the apron strings are already being stretched with her. The older two seemed so much older when they started doing this sort of thing. Sad for the little girl I once had but who is now growing up…..