Party Planning

Party Planning. Do you enjoy it? I would guess a lot of people would say no due to the stress. Me, I LOVE it. I love matching napkins to cups, sourcing lilac cutlery, finding a great cake baker etc. I can see what I want in my head and have to get it right.

The reason for this post is that a few of the mums at school have came to Stroppy 3’s parties and then asked me to organise their children’s parties for them. I’ve always said no, but now I’m sort of having second thoughts.

I’ve watched some cheesy American shows that have featured party planners. Oh. My. God. They charge the earth and generally the parties aren’t what I would call ‘finished’. I think it’s the little things that matter. And I know I could do a great job. So do I start a small business as a ‘Party Planner’ before the UK is saturated with them?

My reservations come when I think about doing the parties for Stroppy 3’s classmates. What if I get it wrong? Or can’t find the things they request? I do bookmark all the good supply websites I find, I make a To Do list to check things off of, and the baker I use for bespoke cakes is amazing. I’m also quite a good baker myself, but would only do frosted cupcakes – I leave the intricate work to the baker. So deep down I know I could do it easily.

It’s my self confidence that’s holding me back. That, and fear of failure. I don’t like to fail. In fact I hate it as much as I hate being late. And what do I charge them? I can see myself running around for months and then saying ” It’s OK, just pay me for the bits I bought…..