Thursday 2nd January 2014. (Day2)

Woke up in a LOT of pain this morning. It had caused a long night of broken sleep, but once suitably dosed up ‘to the eyeballs’ (I must find out where that saying comes from), I was ready to take on the world!


Well, maybe not the world. But certainly the drive home from Lovely Mans house….. So I did. And it was relatively pain free πŸ™‚

On nearing home, Stroppy 1 was dropped at the airport so she could pop to her Dads. Stroppy 2 was dropped into town as his Christmas money was burning a hole in his pocket, and Stroppy 3 and I took a trip to Waitrose because the contents of the fridge pretty much consisted of cheeses.

After cooking what I have to admit was a delicious ‘mince and ‘tatties’, and serving it in giant yorkshires – much to everyone’s delight, I settled down for the evening. The new series of Benidorm started tonight and we LOVE Benidorm! We have been counting down for days, weeks, maybe even months. It didn’t disappoint. πŸ™‚


So after a pretty full day, it’s goodnight from me.