Friday Jan 3rd 2014 (Day 3)

Today I got more done. Firstly, I have to say how amazed I was to be able to pop to the shops without 200 layers on! It’s the 3rd Jan and I’m out in a cardi. (And other garments, of course 😉 )

Anyway, Lovely Man bought me a beautiful family tree necklace from the children for Christmas. I love it but felt it needed a chain with a safety feature. I’m not the most careful of people and would be devastated if I lost it. I got the chain and after patiently waiting to pay while the lady tried to sell me other items in the jewellers, I wandered round to M&S to buy my aunt a paper to take up to her when I visited. I went to the self serve checkout and noticed that the papers have gone up. By TEN percent! Now, I know this is only 5p, but that’s not the point. How can a paper be 50p one year and 55p the next? Bloody conmen. 😉

I went to my aunts – she conveniently lives directly above the shopping centre 🙂 and had a chat, then popped home quickly to see what the children were up to.
Stroppy’s 2 & 3 were at home and Stroppy 3 had homework to catch up on. She also had considerable toy tidying to do and I had expressly told her I wanted both done while I was out. Was it ‘eck! She was under the supervision of a 17 year old – this meant that he wanted an easy life on the xbox, so she got to sneak onto the computer and play some ‘Movie Star’ rubbish. I had got suspicious when Stroppy 2 called me to ask how long I would be. That translated to ‘We haven’t done any of the things you’ve asked us to, so we need a timescale so we know if we need to rush like mad and get it done’. I assured him I’d be at least an hour – and was home in 15 minutes to catch them doing bugger all…. 😉

The rest of the day went fairly smoothly. I had a meeting of ‘Brownie helpers’ in the evening. Now, Brown Owl is lovely. But she’s a ditherer. She has no control over the children and trying to address that is like pulling teeth.
After a few hours we had a small plan of activities worked out. It could have been done in 20 minutes, but like I say, she’s a ditherer.

So the days over – no Stroppy 1 home yet as she’s staying with her Dad, so it’s lights out for me and the younger Stroppy’s. Well me. Stroppy 2 still has a town full of zombies to defeat…. :/

Night. See you tomorrow!