Saturday 4th January 2014 (Day 4)

Isn’t this weather crap? Stroppy 3 got one of these funny scooters with two foot plates and has been desperate to go to a park to try it out. Unfortunately with the weather like this it’s proved impossible.

It means we’re going a little stir crazy in the house. It must be bad because Stroppy 2 actually went out to look for a job! 😉

Anyway, Stroppy 3 and I had decided to have another jim jam day – (not getting dressed and sitting watching films are currently our favourite school holiday activities). We were so looking forward to it. Something just HAD to go wrong. And it did. Lovely Man had stayed the night and when he went out to start his car the battery was dead. Oh great…..

“So,” I said. “Do you have a battery charger?”

“Of course! I have THREE….” He says, smiling.

“That’s great! It won’t take long at all then.”

“Ah, well”. He says slowly…..

“Well what?”

“I haven’t actually got one here.”

Now I’m no car expert, but even I know that if you have a battery in your car and it ‘dies’, you need the charger to get it going again. So with that logic, you should keep it in your car. And he has THREE. Christ, his boot must be full of them! But no. There isn’t one in the car. There’s one at his house, one at his Mum & Dads, and one at WORK. But not one in his car……FFS.

So Stroppy 3 and I had to change our plans, get washed and dressed and take him to his parents to get one. Currently the battery has been on charge for about 6 hours and nothing. I think it’s well and truly dead. 😦 If it is, tomorrows entry will be about the joy of car part shops. Oh joy of joys.

I’ve just came up to bed and noticed I had an email from Brown Owl. I opened it to see that everything we spent hours planning last night had now been changed completely. So what exactly was the point of the meeting? That’s another 3 hours of my life I won’t get back.

Night 🙂