Monday 6th January 2014 (Day 6)

I sadly set the alarm last night to make sure I was up to take Stroppy 1 to her placement. Stroppy’s 2 & 3 are still off so I could have had a lie in, but the weather was ghastly and as it’s a new placement I didn’t want her getting lost or being late.

She was actually in a good mood – she even made me a coffee! That’s highly unusual. Normally she doesn’t even make her own. šŸ˜‰

After dropping her off I made the usual visit to my aunts then got home in time for Stroppy 2 to need a lift to college. Oh great! Mums taxi strikes again!! I dropped him off and came home for a second time with the vain hope of having 5 minutes peace. Sadly, it was not to be…. You see, Stroppy 3 wanted ‘children’s programmes’.

After an hour of essentially crap on the tv I persuaded her to have a film on. We sat and watched Graces rubbish until I could take it no more – so made her do some more homework. Hehehehe

The older two arrived home just in time for dinner, fighting as usual as they came through the door.

I tried to put Stroppy 3 to bed at her ‘school bedtime’ so she would be used to it, but the older two were shouting at their xboxes so much that she didn’t get to sleep until gone 10. Not an ideal sleeping environment….