Sunday 5th January 2014 (Day 5)

So, it only took me four days to let my book slip! How bad is that?

I’m catching up now though. If my memory can manage to go back 3 days…. 😉

Here goes. I woke up late on Sunday – around 10am. I’d had a bad sleep so it took me a while to wake.

Stroppy 3 woke even later. I won’t even mention Stroppy’s 1 & 2. They are teenagers. They don’t get up before 2 or 3pm on days off anyway. 😦

She wanted another pj day, but I needed a few things so we popped out to town, with her dragging the new scooter into the car to ride while we were there (even though they aren’t allowed in the shopping centres. Sigh.)

We got there and grabbed my aunt a paper before going to visit her. After getting some shopping we came home, made some hot chocolate and popped our pjs on. Lovely 🙂

Trying to get her to do homework while she’s been on holiday has been like pulling teeth, however I made her do handwriting, violin, recorder, reading, spellings, maths etc. She was THRILLED. 😉

After that it was baths and a fairly early night, after the regular Sunday night family show time. It was Dancing on Ice so the older two didn’t want to watch. TV for two then…?