Tuesday 7th January 2014 (Day 7)

Today consisted mostly of getting Stroppy 3 to sort her school bag, uniform, and get a little extra homework done before going to school tomorrow.
This is a hard task because to try to make an 8 year old do ANYTHING they don’t want to is nigh on impossible….
She’d snuck downstairs a little before me and was on the computer playing Club Penguin when I got downstairs. I turned it off and went to make her breakfast. When I brought it through a few minutes later, she was watching Disney Channel! Grrrrr!!! 😦
I turned that off as well, to much disgust I hasten to add. This was followed by lots of lolling about on the sofa ignoring repeated requests to get her things sorted. Until I shouted. Then and only then did she stomp off to do as she was told. Kids, eh?
Luckily it was officially a school night so I got her up to bed at 8.15 as usual. I don’t think she got to sleep until about 10 and that’s not good news for the morning.
Hey ho! 😉