Friday 10th January (Day 10)

It has been an AMAZING day! I’ve been looking forward to today since Christmas.

Wanna know why? Wanna? Wanna?…. πŸ™‚

Well OK, I’ll tell you. Stroppy 3 got tickets to see Matilda from Father Christmas! Oh yes, the big man had left them at the top of the tree at Lovely Mans house. We got there and she was completely amazed πŸ™‚ You see, when we had last been there the tree was up but there were no gifts under it. He had been working so had been staying at his parents, so it MUST have been Santa who filled the place with pressies! πŸ˜‰

So, along with the Matilda tickets, Stroppy 3 got lots of lovely things. I was particularly impressed with the Robofish. Stroppy 2 got some more presents too. His ‘top of the tree’ gift was a gift card for a designer shop he likes. Stroppy 1 was REALLY chuffed with her bits – especially as her main gift was a glamping weekend for 2.

Anyway, back to today. I dropped Stroppy 1 at placement and Stroppy 3 at school. Lovely Man was with me as he wasn’t at work so had stayed the night. (That was nice too πŸ™‚ )

We went to see my Aunt, then for a coffee and a (very) slow wander round the shops to pick up a few things. My back was playing up but I was trying to ignore it – nothing was going to spoil today.

The man from the cooker company was coming round to look at my oven between 12.46 and 2.46. I waited, mainly resting my back so it would hold up for the trip to the theatre and he arrived at 2.30ish. Why do they never come at the start of a time slot? It’s one of those weird unexplainable things….
Anyway, he decided that it was one of the fans not coming on that was causing the fault, and he’d have to order a part. This means I can’t cook anything at over 200 degrees as it cuts out. Grrrrreat! 😦

Once he’d left I sorted out some clothes for Stroppy 3 to wear and got my clothes out to make sure they didn’t need ironed. Lovely Man was picking her up so I didn’t have to rush. Bliss.

We left the house at just after 5pm to go to the train station. We usually catch one tube train – the direct Piccadilly Line to Covent Garden. But not tonight. 😦
The lady’s voice was blaring from the tannoy, telling us all lines had a good service. Yay! So we waited. And waited. And waited. Trains came and went. Except Piccadilly Line trains. In the end we caught one on another line, deciding to change at a later station. We got to Covent Garden and didn’t have much time to wander, but Stroppy 3 managed to find a pretty tiara alice band in Accessorize. We love Covent Garden. It’s a great place to sit, have coffee and a cupcake and watch the hustle and bustle. πŸ™‚

The theatre was only a short walk from the station, so luckily there wasn’t too much walking to be done. I’d bought lots of treats for the evening rather than pay theatre prices, but Stroppy 3 saw the slushy drinks in bright, gaudy colours and her eyes lit up! I got her one (Β£3), then a programme (Β£5). We always buy a programme as they are nice to put in the memory box and to be honest Β£5 isn’t a lot for one. They are beautiful, with lots of information and lovely stills of the show.

Anyway, we settled down to watch in our VERY good seats. (Thank you Santa πŸ˜‰ ) It is a fantastic musical! It doesn’t follow the book, or even the film, but it’s easy to recognise nonetheless. The cast were brilliant and there were many laugh out loud moments.
The interval came and despite having a bag full of treats, Stroppy 3 wanted an ice cream. (Β£3.50). While she was eating it I popped to the ‘shop’ to get her a t shirt. It was Β£12 (considerably less than the Β£30 we were charged at Charlie and the Chocolate Factory!). She had also asked if she could use some of her Christmas money to get the CD, so I picked one of those up too (Β£13)

The second half started and it was then that I noticed how late it was. It was already well past 9pm. The show had started at 7.30. Hmmm. It was going to be a late night.

We eventually got out at around 10.20 – almost 3 hours after it started, so it’s not only a good show, but it’s great value for money! We wandered down to the tube station. I was going to grab Stroppy 3 a ‘Subway’, but the homeless man sitting outside scared her a little so we gave it a miss. I must admit, I was hungry. We hadn’t eaten a proper dinner before we left as we didn’t really have time, but aside from Subway I couldn’t see anything else open, so we just went straight to the station.

We got to the correct platform and a train going to the airport was there. We couldn’t get that one as it didn’t really go our way, so we sat down and waited for the right train. Three more came and went, all bound for the airport. In the end we jumped on the next one to come (ANOTHER airport one!) and got off a little further up the line to wait for our train. This was not the nicest station to wait at. There were a lot of people who'd been partying and were quite loud. Stroppy 3 has a tendency to stare in astonishment without realising so I tried to keep her distracted before we were in some sort of confrontation…. Again we waited, and trains came and went. Seriously, how many people do they think are flying at 11pm???
We finally got on another train, but it didn’t go all the way so this meant after another 25 minutes we got off again to wait for a train to our station. By this time it was raining and cold. I’m disabled and on my own with an 8 year old girl. She was tired and hungry and so was I if I’m honest. Finally the right train came. We got home at around half past midnight with a small takeaway (KFC was still open! Yay!!!)

Stroppy 2 and his friend were watching a film downstairs so we went up to my room with trays, sat on the bed and ate our food. It was DE-licious! I think that was more to do with us being so hungry but I wasn’t complaining! πŸ˜‰ Stroppy 3 was thrilled! We NEVER eat in the bedrooms (except the teenagers, who ignore me), so this was an extra treat.

When she’d finished she got ready for bed and took her CD to listen to, but was out like a light after such a long evening. I however, couldn’t get to sleep. I read, played games, emailed etc., until I finally got tired enough to lie down and didn’t wake up until 10am! O.M.G.!!!

10am??? Me? Never!!!