Monday 13th January (Day 13)

School run again. Oh joy…..

This week is when all the after school clubs start, so Stroppy 3 is in her P.E. Kit ready for a day of action! I make her a packed lunch and we set off to wait in traffic for seemingly hours. It’s actually only about half an hour, but it does seem like hours when you are sitting in it.

I drop off Stroppy 1 in town to get a bus to college and Stroppy 3 at the ‘Drop and Go’ station outside her school. It’s a very good idea actually. They have a manned drop off point on either entrance to the school, and you literally do as it says – pull up, drop them off, and then go. You aren’t meant to get out of your car to help them. Everything is meant to be ready and they are supposed to do it all themselves.

It doesn’t happen. You always get Mums who will NOT follow these simple rules. They put all their little prince or princesses school bags in the boot. The BOOT! Why on earth would you put their things in the BOOT???? By doing this they have to get out of the car. So while they are farting around getting things out, the rest of us have to wait. Some wait patiently, others less so.

Me? I curse a little under my breath and if I’m close enough I tell Stroppy 3 to get her bits and go into school, then I watch her while she goes in. Invariably the inconsiderate Mum will still be searching their car for something that their brat has lost, so if I can I’ll reverse a little and go round her. If I can’t I honk my horn. Slow and loud. On the first honk they’ll ignore me. On the second one they look round and shoot me a ‘killer’ look while continuing to search their car. On the third honk they give up. They will slam their boot shut and finally drive off. This isn’t because they don’t want to upset me any more. Oh no. They’re too far up their own arses for that! No, it’s because they are frightened that the Headmaster will come out to see what the noise is about – he’s a stickler for the rules and they know fine well that he will tell them off or ban them from using the Drop and Go facility any more.

Anyway, school run done, I went to see my Aunt as I hadn’t seen her over the weekend. She was fine. 🙂

I went home and had quite a few phone calls to make, all of which were quite successful. That’s always good 😉

We had pasta and meatballs for dinner – delicious, although Stroppy 1 didn’t eat much. Probably because she had eaten a KFC family bucket on the way home ! 😉

I’ve booked the dog in for a booster jab tomorrow. That should be fun!