Saturday 11th January (Day 11)

So, after a day of running around yesterday Lovely Man ordered me to have a day of rest. And it’s not even Sunday…. 😉

I did as I was told, which meant staying at home and not going to his house for the weekend. I didn’t mind to be honest as it’s a long drive and my back was playing up considerably.

I try and explain to the older two how it feels to be in constant pain, but they’re teenagers. Teenagers, as you may know, have selective hearing. They literally hear what they want to hear. I don’t want to go on at them, and I don’t want them to feel guilty, but I do need them to help around the house a little more. Or a LOT more!
They used to help out, but now all they do is leave clothes are their arses and stockpile cups and glasses in their rooms. I try to choose my arguments, but at the moment I think I’ve just given up…..the result of an argument might be them picking up a couple of things at the most, so it’s not worth the stress as that in turn makes my pain worse.

Anyway, a day of rest meant it was a nice day 🙂 Apart from doing the washing, I didn’t do much at all…..I bathed and changed into my onesie, sat on the bed with a coffee and read a book. Stroppy 3 chilled out by sitting next to me on her kindle or with my iPad.

Time flew, and before long it was dark again! The day was over with no major issues and Lovely Man was right. My back did need a rest (along with the rest of me!) 😉