Sunday 12th January (Day 12)

I got up late today. REALLY late. It was almost 10 am when I looked at the clock. OMG! 10 o’clock???!!? I NEVER sleep ’til 10am!

Predictably, the teenagers were still fast asleep. But less predictably, so was Stroppy 3! I think it had all caught up with her. It was her first week back at school, then we had the Matilda trip – she was knackered.

I took the lift downstairs and made a coffee. I was hoping for half an hour of peace, while catching up with a programme I’d missed. Alas, it was not to be. The lift woke Stroppy 3, who came downstairs asking if she could watch ‘her’ programmes. I said no. It didn’t go down well!

You see, she hadn’t done any of her homework. None, nada, zilch. She has quite a lot of homework, and I was worried that she wouldn’t get it done in time. She did it – although she wasn’t happy about it. It took her a couple of hours, so I let her watch some Disney channel when she’d finished. It cheered her up and meant I could read for a while. šŸ˜‰

Stroppy’s 1 & 2 got up around 2ish. Stroppy 1 stayed in her onesie for the day. Stroppy 2 went out with his friends for a while. They went to the cinema and luckily it finished in time for him to get the last bus home. He’s grown up so suddenly it’s frightening! It seems only 5 minutes ago that he had a couple of good friends and they stayed round each other’s houses playing xbox or went to Thorpe Park for the day. Now he’s staying out late with a new group of friends. Great…. :/

Sunday roast cooked, we settled down to watch Dancing on Ice and after a hot bath I went to bed with a glass of wine and Stroppy 3 to keep me company.

Night night šŸ™‚