Monday 13th January (Day 13)

School run again. Oh joy….. This week is when all the after school clubs start, so Stroppy 3 is in her P.E. Kit ready for a day of action! I make her a packed lunch and we set off to wait in traffic for seemingly hours. It’s actually only about half an hour, but it […]

Sunday 12th January (Day 12)

I got up late today. REALLY late. It was almost 10 am when I looked at the clock. OMG! 10 o’clock???!!? I NEVER sleep ’til 10am! Predictably, the teenagers were still fast asleep. But less predictably, so was Stroppy 3! I think it had all caught up with her. It was her first week back […]

Saturday 11th January (Day 11)

So, after a day of running around yesterday Lovely Man ordered me to have a day of rest. And it’s not even Sunday…. 😉 I did as I was told, which meant staying at home and not going to his house for the weekend. I didn’t mind to be honest as it’s a long drive […]

Tuesday 7th January 2014 (Day 7)

Today consisted mostly of getting Stroppy 3 to sort her school bag, uniform, and get a little extra homework done before going to school tomorrow. This is a hard task because to try to make an 8 year old do ANYTHING they don’t want to is nigh on impossible…. She’d snuck downstairs a little before […]

Monday 6th January 2014 (Day 6)

I sadly set the alarm last night to make sure I was up to take Stroppy 1 to her placement. Stroppy’s 2 & 3 are still off so I could have had a lie in, but the weather was ghastly and as it’s a new placement I didn’t want her getting lost or being late. […]