Monday 13th January (Day 13)

School run again. Oh joy…..

This week is when all the after school clubs start, so Stroppy 3 is in her P.E. Kit ready for a day of action! I make her a packed lunch and we set off to wait in traffic for seemingly hours. It’s actually only about half an hour, but it does seem like hours when you are sitting in it.

I drop off Stroppy 1 in town to get a bus to college and Stroppy 3 at the ‘Drop and Go’ station outside her school. It’s a very good idea actually. They have a manned drop off point on either entrance to the school, and you literally do as it says – pull up, drop them off, and then go. You aren’t meant to get out of your car to help them. Everything is meant to be ready and they are supposed to do it all themselves.

It doesn’t happen. You always get Mums who will NOT follow these simple rules. They put all their little prince or princesses school bags in the boot. The BOOT! Why on earth would you put their things in the BOOT???? By doing this they have to get out of the car. So while they are farting around getting things out, the rest of us have to wait. Some wait patiently, others less so.

Me? I curse a little under my breath and if I’m close enough I tell Stroppy 3 to get her bits and go into school, then I watch her while she goes in. Invariably the inconsiderate Mum will still be searching their car for something that their brat has lost, so if I can I’ll reverse a little and go round her. If I can’t I honk my horn. Slow and loud. On the first honk they’ll ignore me. On the second one they look round and shoot me a ‘killer’ look while continuing to search their car. On the third honk they give up. They will slam their boot shut and finally drive off. This isn’t because they don’t want to upset me any more. Oh no. They’re too far up their own arses for that! No, it’s because they are frightened that the Headmaster will come out to see what the noise is about – he’s a stickler for the rules and they know fine well that he will tell them off or ban them from using the Drop and Go facility any more.

Anyway, school run done, I went to see my Aunt as I hadn’t seen her over the weekend. She was fine. 🙂

I went home and had quite a few phone calls to make, all of which were quite successful. That’s always good 😉

We had pasta and meatballs for dinner – delicious, although Stroppy 1 didn’t eat much. Probably because she had eaten a KFC family bucket on the way home ! 😉

I’ve booked the dog in for a booster jab tomorrow. That should be fun!


Sunday 12th January (Day 12)

I got up late today. REALLY late. It was almost 10 am when I looked at the clock. OMG! 10 o’clock???!!? I NEVER sleep ’til 10am!

Predictably, the teenagers were still fast asleep. But less predictably, so was Stroppy 3! I think it had all caught up with her. It was her first week back at school, then we had the Matilda trip – she was knackered.

I took the lift downstairs and made a coffee. I was hoping for half an hour of peace, while catching up with a programme I’d missed. Alas, it was not to be. The lift woke Stroppy 3, who came downstairs asking if she could watch ‘her’ programmes. I said no. It didn’t go down well!

You see, she hadn’t done any of her homework. None, nada, zilch. She has quite a lot of homework, and I was worried that she wouldn’t get it done in time. She did it – although she wasn’t happy about it. It took her a couple of hours, so I let her watch some Disney channel when she’d finished. It cheered her up and meant I could read for a while. 😉

Stroppy’s 1 & 2 got up around 2ish. Stroppy 1 stayed in her onesie for the day. Stroppy 2 went out with his friends for a while. They went to the cinema and luckily it finished in time for him to get the last bus home. He’s grown up so suddenly it’s frightening! It seems only 5 minutes ago that he had a couple of good friends and they stayed round each other’s houses playing xbox or went to Thorpe Park for the day. Now he’s staying out late with a new group of friends. Great…. :/

Sunday roast cooked, we settled down to watch Dancing on Ice and after a hot bath I went to bed with a glass of wine and Stroppy 3 to keep me company.

Night night 🙂


Saturday 11th January (Day 11)

So, after a day of running around yesterday Lovely Man ordered me to have a day of rest. And it’s not even Sunday…. 😉

I did as I was told, which meant staying at home and not going to his house for the weekend. I didn’t mind to be honest as it’s a long drive and my back was playing up considerably.

I try and explain to the older two how it feels to be in constant pain, but they’re teenagers. Teenagers, as you may know, have selective hearing. They literally hear what they want to hear. I don’t want to go on at them, and I don’t want them to feel guilty, but I do need them to help around the house a little more. Or a LOT more!
They used to help out, but now all they do is leave clothes are their arses and stockpile cups and glasses in their rooms. I try to choose my arguments, but at the moment I think I’ve just given up…..the result of an argument might be them picking up a couple of things at the most, so it’s not worth the stress as that in turn makes my pain worse.

Anyway, a day of rest meant it was a nice day 🙂 Apart from doing the washing, I didn’t do much at all…..I bathed and changed into my onesie, sat on the bed with a coffee and read a book. Stroppy 3 chilled out by sitting next to me on her kindle or with my iPad.

Time flew, and before long it was dark again! The day was over with no major issues and Lovely Man was right. My back did need a rest (along with the rest of me!) 😉


Friday 10th January (Day 10)

It has been an AMAZING day! I’ve been looking forward to today since Christmas.

Wanna know why? Wanna? Wanna?…. 🙂

Well OK, I’ll tell you. Stroppy 3 got tickets to see Matilda from Father Christmas! Oh yes, the big man had left them at the top of the tree at Lovely Mans house. We got there and she was completely amazed 🙂 You see, when we had last been there the tree was up but there were no gifts under it. He had been working so had been staying at his parents, so it MUST have been Santa who filled the place with pressies! 😉

So, along with the Matilda tickets, Stroppy 3 got lots of lovely things. I was particularly impressed with the Robofish. Stroppy 2 got some more presents too. His ‘top of the tree’ gift was a gift card for a designer shop he likes. Stroppy 1 was REALLY chuffed with her bits – especially as her main gift was a glamping weekend for 2.

Anyway, back to today. I dropped Stroppy 1 at placement and Stroppy 3 at school. Lovely Man was with me as he wasn’t at work so had stayed the night. (That was nice too 🙂 )

We went to see my Aunt, then for a coffee and a (very) slow wander round the shops to pick up a few things. My back was playing up but I was trying to ignore it – nothing was going to spoil today.

The man from the cooker company was coming round to look at my oven between 12.46 and 2.46. I waited, mainly resting my back so it would hold up for the trip to the theatre and he arrived at 2.30ish. Why do they never come at the start of a time slot? It’s one of those weird unexplainable things….
Anyway, he decided that it was one of the fans not coming on that was causing the fault, and he’d have to order a part. This means I can’t cook anything at over 200 degrees as it cuts out. Grrrrreat! 😦

Once he’d left I sorted out some clothes for Stroppy 3 to wear and got my clothes out to make sure they didn’t need ironed. Lovely Man was picking her up so I didn’t have to rush. Bliss.

We left the house at just after 5pm to go to the train station. We usually catch one tube train – the direct Piccadilly Line to Covent Garden. But not tonight. 😦
The lady’s voice was blaring from the tannoy, telling us all lines had a good service. Yay! So we waited. And waited. And waited. Trains came and went. Except Piccadilly Line trains. In the end we caught one on another line, deciding to change at a later station. We got to Covent Garden and didn’t have much time to wander, but Stroppy 3 managed to find a pretty tiara alice band in Accessorize. We love Covent Garden. It’s a great place to sit, have coffee and a cupcake and watch the hustle and bustle. 🙂

The theatre was only a short walk from the station, so luckily there wasn’t too much walking to be done. I’d bought lots of treats for the evening rather than pay theatre prices, but Stroppy 3 saw the slushy drinks in bright, gaudy colours and her eyes lit up! I got her one (£3), then a programme (£5). We always buy a programme as they are nice to put in the memory box and to be honest £5 isn’t a lot for one. They are beautiful, with lots of information and lovely stills of the show.

Anyway, we settled down to watch in our VERY good seats. (Thank you Santa 😉 ) It is a fantastic musical! It doesn’t follow the book, or even the film, but it’s easy to recognise nonetheless. The cast were brilliant and there were many laugh out loud moments.
The interval came and despite having a bag full of treats, Stroppy 3 wanted an ice cream. (£3.50). While she was eating it I popped to the ‘shop’ to get her a t shirt. It was £12 (considerably less than the £30 we were charged at Charlie and the Chocolate Factory!). She had also asked if she could use some of her Christmas money to get the CD, so I picked one of those up too (£13)

The second half started and it was then that I noticed how late it was. It was already well past 9pm. The show had started at 7.30. Hmmm. It was going to be a late night.

We eventually got out at around 10.20 – almost 3 hours after it started, so it’s not only a good show, but it’s great value for money! We wandered down to the tube station. I was going to grab Stroppy 3 a ‘Subway’, but the homeless man sitting outside scared her a little so we gave it a miss. I must admit, I was hungry. We hadn’t eaten a proper dinner before we left as we didn’t really have time, but aside from Subway I couldn’t see anything else open, so we just went straight to the station.

We got to the correct platform and a train going to the airport was there. We couldn’t get that one as it didn’t really go our way, so we sat down and waited for the right train. Three more came and went, all bound for the airport. In the end we jumped on the next one to come (ANOTHER airport one!) and got off a little further up the line to wait for our train. This was not the nicest station to wait at. There were a lot of people who'd been partying and were quite loud. Stroppy 3 has a tendency to stare in astonishment without realising so I tried to keep her distracted before we were in some sort of confrontation…. Again we waited, and trains came and went. Seriously, how many people do they think are flying at 11pm???
We finally got on another train, but it didn’t go all the way so this meant after another 25 minutes we got off again to wait for a train to our station. By this time it was raining and cold. I’m disabled and on my own with an 8 year old girl. She was tired and hungry and so was I if I’m honest. Finally the right train came. We got home at around half past midnight with a small takeaway (KFC was still open! Yay!!!)

Stroppy 2 and his friend were watching a film downstairs so we went up to my room with trays, sat on the bed and ate our food. It was DE-licious! I think that was more to do with us being so hungry but I wasn’t complaining! 😉 Stroppy 3 was thrilled! We NEVER eat in the bedrooms (except the teenagers, who ignore me), so this was an extra treat.

When she’d finished she got ready for bed and took her CD to listen to, but was out like a light after such a long evening. I however, couldn’t get to sleep. I read, played games, emailed etc., until I finally got tired enough to lie down and didn’t wake up until 10am! O.M.G.!!!

10am??? Me? Never!!!

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Thursday 9th January (Day 9)

Today’s been largely uneventful. I had a relaxing morning after doing the school run.

I met one of my lovely friends for lunch and it was nice to just chat for a couple of hours. I hadn’t seen her since Christmas so we had lots to catch up on! 😉


Tonight is BENIDORM NIGHT!!! Yay! I just LOVE this show. It gets better and better every year, and this year is no exception. The new family are hilarious – particularly the parents. I find myself waiting for the long suffering husband to yell “TONYA!!!” every time his wife says or does something silly. I laughed ’til I cried and it was a great way to relax before bed. 🙂


Wednesday 8th January 2014 (Day 8)

Hip Hip Hooray! They’re all at school today!!! 😉

I don’t believe these Mums who say they ‘miss’ their children when they aren’t with them. Why the hell would I miss something that just whines.

I am joking to some extent, but do find the people who have their children attached to their hip nauseating. Seriously nauseating….

I hear comments at the school gates that go something like ‘Oh I’ve SO missed my Hermione today!’ No you haven’t. You’ve noticed she isn’t around but that doesn’t mean you’ve missed her. It means that you don’t have anyone to talk to during the day, and you have had to (God forbid) watch Jeremy Kyle on your own.

All I can say is I didn’t miss any of my three today. In fact, I’ve had time to read a little and have a coffee in peace!

It’s been a lovely day 🙂


Tuesday 7th January 2014 (Day 7)

Today consisted mostly of getting Stroppy 3 to sort her school bag, uniform, and get a little extra homework done before going to school tomorrow.
This is a hard task because to try to make an 8 year old do ANYTHING they don’t want to is nigh on impossible….
She’d snuck downstairs a little before me and was on the computer playing Club Penguin when I got downstairs. I turned it off and went to make her breakfast. When I brought it through a few minutes later, she was watching Disney Channel! Grrrrr!!! 😦
I turned that off as well, to much disgust I hasten to add. This was followed by lots of lolling about on the sofa ignoring repeated requests to get her things sorted. Until I shouted. Then and only then did she stomp off to do as she was told. Kids, eh?
Luckily it was officially a school night so I got her up to bed at 8.15 as usual. I don’t think she got to sleep until about 10 and that’s not good news for the morning.
Hey ho! 😉


Monday 6th January 2014 (Day 6)

I sadly set the alarm last night to make sure I was up to take Stroppy 1 to her placement. Stroppy’s 2 & 3 are still off so I could have had a lie in, but the weather was ghastly and as it’s a new placement I didn’t want her getting lost or being late.

She was actually in a good mood – she even made me a coffee! That’s highly unusual. Normally she doesn’t even make her own. 😉

After dropping her off I made the usual visit to my aunts then got home in time for Stroppy 2 to need a lift to college. Oh great! Mums taxi strikes again!! I dropped him off and came home for a second time with the vain hope of having 5 minutes peace. Sadly, it was not to be…. You see, Stroppy 3 wanted ‘children’s programmes’.

After an hour of essentially crap on the tv I persuaded her to have a film on. We sat and watched Graces rubbish until I could take it no more – so made her do some more homework. Hehehehe

The older two arrived home just in time for dinner, fighting as usual as they came through the door.

I tried to put Stroppy 3 to bed at her ‘school bedtime’ so she would be used to it, but the older two were shouting at their xboxes so much that she didn’t get to sleep until gone 10. Not an ideal sleeping environment….


Sunday 5th January 2014 (Day 5)

So, it only took me four days to let my book slip! How bad is that?

I’m catching up now though. If my memory can manage to go back 3 days…. 😉

Here goes. I woke up late on Sunday – around 10am. I’d had a bad sleep so it took me a while to wake.

Stroppy 3 woke even later. I won’t even mention Stroppy’s 1 & 2. They are teenagers. They don’t get up before 2 or 3pm on days off anyway. 😦

She wanted another pj day, but I needed a few things so we popped out to town, with her dragging the new scooter into the car to ride while we were there (even though they aren’t allowed in the shopping centres. Sigh.)

We got there and grabbed my aunt a paper before going to visit her. After getting some shopping we came home, made some hot chocolate and popped our pjs on. Lovely 🙂

Trying to get her to do homework while she’s been on holiday has been like pulling teeth, however I made her do handwriting, violin, recorder, reading, spellings, maths etc. She was THRILLED. 😉

After that it was baths and a fairly early night, after the regular Sunday night family show time. It was Dancing on Ice so the older two didn’t want to watch. TV for two then…?


Saturday 4th January 2014 (Day 4)

Isn’t this weather crap? Stroppy 3 got one of these funny scooters with two foot plates and has been desperate to go to a park to try it out. Unfortunately with the weather like this it’s proved impossible.

It means we’re going a little stir crazy in the house. It must be bad because Stroppy 2 actually went out to look for a job! 😉

Anyway, Stroppy 3 and I had decided to have another jim jam day – (not getting dressed and sitting watching films are currently our favourite school holiday activities). We were so looking forward to it. Something just HAD to go wrong. And it did. Lovely Man had stayed the night and when he went out to start his car the battery was dead. Oh great…..

“So,” I said. “Do you have a battery charger?”

“Of course! I have THREE….” He says, smiling.

“That’s great! It won’t take long at all then.”

“Ah, well”. He says slowly…..

“Well what?”

“I haven’t actually got one here.”

Now I’m no car expert, but even I know that if you have a battery in your car and it ‘dies’, you need the charger to get it going again. So with that logic, you should keep it in your car. And he has THREE. Christ, his boot must be full of them! But no. There isn’t one in the car. There’s one at his house, one at his Mum & Dads, and one at WORK. But not one in his car……FFS.

So Stroppy 3 and I had to change our plans, get washed and dressed and take him to his parents to get one. Currently the battery has been on charge for about 6 hours and nothing. I think it’s well and truly dead. 😦 If it is, tomorrows entry will be about the joy of car part shops. Oh joy of joys.

I’ve just came up to bed and noticed I had an email from Brown Owl. I opened it to see that everything we spent hours planning last night had now been changed completely. So what exactly was the point of the meeting? That’s another 3 hours of my life I won’t get back.

Night 🙂