So, Stroppy 2 is now 17 which means I technically have twins until Stroppy 1 turns 18 tomorrow. As you may know from earlier posts, all of my children have April birthdays. Which means that while this time of year is extraordinarily expensive, I don’t have to worry about cards and gifts again until Christmas. […]

Workmen, an update on work, more news on Stroppy 1 and a VERY long title….

Workmen….. So, I’ve had workmen in for a few days. The first lot were taking out the lift that I need to get upstairs. Basically because it didn’t work, and hadn’t for months. Maybe I should fly upstairs to bed….. Anyway, they were a nightmare. They brought radios and turned them up full blast, one on […]

Stroppy 1 is being, well…..stroppy.

Stroppy 1 has a natural gift. She is incredibly fortunate to be one of those people who can read a book and just ‘gets’ it. This has meant that throughout her school years she has been able to sail happily along, getting good grades while friends had to study hard in order to keep up. She […]


Why can’t children skip the teenage years? I can’t believe they turn from lovely little boys and girls into lazy, disrespectful horrors 😦 Now, I’m not saying they are ALWAYS like this, just maybe 90% of the time….. Take Stroppy 2. He’s a good kid who goes to college and is on time (mostly), does […]