The lowdown on the kids….

Stroppy 1 is my eldest daughter. She is 17 and knows EVERYTHING. A bit like her mum really…

Anyway, generally she is a good, kind, caring girl – buts that’s all hidden under black clothing, suicidal music & angst. I find arguing is pointless any more, and by far the best way to deal with her tantrums is with wine. Copious amounts of it usually helps.

If I find a better coping strategy as the months go on I will of course let you know. But until then I’m sticking with the wine.

Stroppy 2 is my 16 year old son. Again, a kind & caring soul but like many boys, OBSESSED with boobs and XBox.

To get him out onto the streets hanging around with friends would be fab! Not that I condone that, but it would just make a change from him being a kind of hermit who only emerges from his room to eat.

The same coping strategy applies (see above).

Stroppy 3 is my second daughter. She’s 7 and still into all the girly things, like playing with dolls, doing their hair, princesses etc. She is, however, still stroppy. I’m pretty sure it rubs off from the older two, although her friends seem equally stroppy so it may just be starting at a younger age…..

This one doesn’t have the same coping strategy – yet. This one only requires cuddles and a bit of a quiet word to enable her to become less stroppy*. I do have to warn you though, the stroppiness does return.

*This can also be used for Stroppy 1 & Stroppy 2, but only when they are a) not suffering from PMT. Or b) not playing XBox

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